Posted by Vikram (Chandler, United States) on 4 May 2008 in Miscellaneous and Portfolio.

Dear friends!

Today I am posting this snapshot of my portfolio. Just while I recollect memories of you, Aminus3 and the time I have spent here, for today I complete my one year of photographing with you all!

I look at my portfolio with mere 45 images and I think:

It would not have been so exciting without “YOU” my friends! The comments that I have received are treasure to me. I have learnt a lot from your comments and from regularly visiting your blogs, have tried to emulate effects, use techniques that you have used. The more comments you all give, the more I get encouraged. Although I do photography because I like it and it is my passion; literally, at times I wait and keep refreshing my blog to see if there are any new comments and what my friends have to say! I have sometimes felt that I keep it going because you are there to comment. I love that day after day I am making new friends here and the circle is growing. For some time, last year I was not able to keep my blog up-to-date. But after resuming you all have started visiting here. I appreciate all of you regularly visiting my blog and spending time here. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Aminus3 has not only been a tool to create an online photoblog. It has helped us to form a social network. A network of fine photographers who display their talent and I learn from them. It’s a great tool to make new connections and share our work with people of same likings/interests and get all sorts of comments from them. What I like about Aminus3 is that unlike some other photoblogs/galleries it allows other photobloggers who are not part of Aminus3 community to comment on Aminus3 photoblogs, allowing us to extend our network. Kudos to Aminus3!
In these 45 images, I have tried my best, still have made many mistakes and have learnt a lot. I look at these images and think; how much have I improved or have I improved at all? But there definitely is a lot to learn as I see your fine photoblogs.

A year ago when I was out of touch and wanted to start photography after a really long time, my wife bought me a 30D. Thanks to her. FYI… I show her every image I upload and she is the first one to comment on it!

My Google reader shows that I am watching 86 subscriptions. These many people have commented here some or the other time in the past and continue to comment on my blog. I try my best to visit them back and comment on their blogs. And the number is still growing. I am also trying to thank each of them individually on their comments. Please don’t mind my friends, if I don’t comment on your blog or reply your comments for some time. It may be so that I am occupied in something; either my son and wife are keeping me busy or I have a lot of code to write in the office.

Thanks you very much again!!!